Bwacha Siagwelele


Since starting my INUKA Business, I decided to work extra hard to see what the Business has for me. After understanding the Rainbow Pillars of SUCCESS, I decided to try working to reach the goals: Personal Sales, Recruiting, Promoting, and Group Sales. With the capacity I had by then, it all seemed impossible. In the 2022 INUKA Business year, I achieved only 1 Success Pillar, the Personal Sales pillar.

This gave me more hope and motivation that it was worth the try! In the 2023 INUKA Business year, I took a BOLD, BRAVE and BRILLIANT decision to push for all 4 Success Pillars. Yes, this was a huge and scary dream, but the incentives along the journey, such as rebates, kept me moving! An exciting moment for me and my Team was when Diamond Leadership status landed on us. It brought so much joy and excitement to the Team and myself. I knew there was light at the end of the tunnel.

By the close of the year, all 4 pillars were done! What a JOY it was! It brought so much fulfilment, especially that I had moved from 1 pillar to achieving all 4! I had no clue about being a Top 25 Business Leader as it seemed too soon for my picture to appear on the INUKA Big Screen. This category is often perceived as being for very successful or long-established business Members.

I’m grateful to my God who changed things, and his clock ticked again, and MY NAME APPEARED. To my Upline, Busiku, thank you for always believing in me, and to my beautiful Team INUKA STARS, I appreciate and love you all. Teamwork makes the Dream work!

Finally, I want to encourage everyone who wants this medal. IT IS POSSIBLE! Believe in yourself and do the work.