Looking back at the 2 years of being an INUKA Member, I realize that I have grown in leaps and bounds. I am proud of my journey and especially proud of my team, Gejeza.

I joined INUKA to give my children a better life. However, my main objective was to be able to travel the world. I kept focus on the Hong Kong Travel Incentive that INUKA had at that time and 6 months after joining INUKA, I achieved this Travel Challenge. I realized at the time that to achieve the Hong Kong Incentive, I had to work full out and not 20km per hour as a slow pace was not going to take me to Hong Kong. I also knew that Network Marketing maybe SIMPLE, but it is not EASY. I sat and looked at my capabilities and made an important decision to focus on getting my team members trained and knowledgeable to climb the ladder of success. I had to invest time in building a relationship with them, for I knew I couldn’t do it alone. My Team Gejeza is my blessing and pride. I taught my team that we may be friends and relatives but in business I am firstly their Mentor and any other relationship is secondary. They had learned to value and understand this.

Having been the Top New Business Leader in my 1st year, 2018, gave me confidence to grow even further. This year my goal was to at least be a Top 10 Business Leader, even if it was the 10th position. I am still finding it hard to grasp that my goal secured me a position in the Top 5 Business Leader category and overall in the 3rd position.

In business we need to learn in order to grow. In IsiXhosa we say “yiba nekhwele sukuba nomona”, which means to be Zealous not Jealous. Be eager and enthusiastic in all you do. Do business and not competition. This has always been my motto and I use this in my life and business daily. Set goals for yourself and aim never to fail your mission. Work smart and be in love with your INUKA Business.

I have been to Hong Kong. I also earned the Mauritius Travel Incentive.  I will definitely be going to Istanbul, Turkey, because I won’t fail myself in my dreams and goals.

Team Gejeza, you are My First INUKA Love.

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