To be announced as a Top 25 Business Leader again this year gives me the strength and courage to continue this journey even when circumstances remain to be challenging in Mozambique.

I salute my team for their hard work. I admire all my Members that achieved at least one Rainbow Pillar: Pedro Joaquim, Salome Saisse, Helga Monjane and Maria Adalima. Congratulations to you. You made me proud.

A huge congratulations to the new Top 25 Business Leaders from Mozambique: Relda Koko and Shaira Giva. It was an honour to share a stage with you. Well done.

My goal for the next year is to build new leaders by teaching them how to introduce and train new Members and how to be a Rainbow Pillar Achiever as this is the secret to success.

A special thank you to the entire INUKA Staff and also the INUKA Helpdesk (Leanne Combrink and also Cassio Costa and Edna Frederico for assisting our Members in Portuguese), the Blue Orders Team and the Finance Team for believing in us and supporting us.

A special thank you to my family and especially my husband. Thank you Imirena João for taking care of my team with dedication. Let’s continue working and working hard because hard work pays off.

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