I joined the INUKA Business in October 2017. After attending Gala 2018 I was so motivated, and I knew I wanted to be recognised as a Top 25 Business Leader at the next Gala Event. Even though it is something I worked on for the past 12 months, I still didn’t think it was possible. I was overcome with surprize and emotions when my name was announced, and I was called to the INUKA stage.

It wasn’t an easy journey, but I kept the positive energy of my goals in my mind. I struggled from Sales Quarter 2 onwards with almost all 4 Rainbow Pillars. I kept saying to myself that I will not give up no matter what. I have learnt that with anything you do is to set yourself a higher target and it will push you to your full potential. We all have potential to achieve whatever goal we set ourselves. In my journey to achieve the Top 10 Business Leader Category, I aim to be in the Top 5 so that if I don’t make it, I will at least be in the Top 10.

On this journey in network marketing I have learnt to always work with my team and to motivate and remind them about their reasons for joining the business. Challenge them to set themselves monthly goals. Don’t get tired when they are asking questions, more especially the new members. Teach your team how to earn all the benefits and this will motivate them to grow to the next higher levels.

Teamwork is of utmost importance. Leaders, we need to lead by example and show our teams the importance of teamwork. Be a leader, not the boss. Work more than 4 levels deep as this will benefit your 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st levels.

Martin Luther King Jr said: “A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus, but a molder of consensus”. This means that a leader must choose the destination, convinces others of the merits of taking the trip, shows them how they can get there, and then leads them on the journey. As a leader it is your job to have a vision and share it with those with whom you lead.

A special thanks to Team Tholi, the Great Achievers and all the Sub Teams. You guys are awesome. I would not have made it without you. Thank you to all the phenomenal ladies and their calls and WhatsApp’s to encourage me and checking up on me even though I am not in their 1st Downline: Zukhanye Zonke, Phumeza Mrwetyana, Nokuphiwa Nkunzi, Nodumo Maqethuka and Busisiwa Jali. I wanted to give up on my Personal PV’s and Zukhanye said to me that this is one leg that I have control over and can never give up on.

To all those who think they would never get anything from the Rainbow Rewards, remember it starts with you. Your first goal should be your Rainbow Personal PV achievement.

Lastly, to my husband who had to go out there assisting me on getting my personal sales, thank you very much because without your support I would not have done it. To my children, thank you for spreading the word and telling people about INUKA. This is our family business.

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