Becoming a Diamond leader was not easy, but the struggle was worth it. Working with different people coming from different backgrounds can be challenging, but I always embrace those challenges.

The biggest challenge that I had to overcome was being disappointed by recruits and let down by downlines, but I never gave up on them. I always knew that every team member played a humongous role in putting through even that 1 PV.

My best advice would be to learn your INUKA Business Guide, follow the 90 Day Earnings Plan, contact the INUKA Helpdesk regularly and encourage every downline to work for all the additional challenges that were designed to grow our businesses.

I love working with people. Working together with my team had always been a bliss. Most importantly I set daily, weekly and monthly targets for myself and my team. We do monthly reports to ensure our goals are met. Every month we hold recognition meetings to celebrate each other’s success and to keep everyone motivated. Growing my group sales to Diamond was through the efforts of every downline that put through that 1 or more PV. I thank all that were part of our team effort.

I pride myself on being an honest, caring and educated businesswoman. I always vow to my team that first and foremost your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing are most important. They know that I am upfront, honest and leave my team and customers with a good and honest experience. I’m only here to guide and educate my team and to be there for them always as someone they can trust and believe. Their actions and hard work are what creates success and I love to acknowledge them for this. My team is not a job, they are my PASSION.

INUKA has changed my life in so many ways. My main priority is to help people and to touch people’s lives. This business opportunity has been a delight to many homes and families that have given up on their dreams due to finances. By representing the INUKA Brand many people can afford their children’s school fees, are able to settle their debts and live a luxury lifestyle.

Thank you to my mentor Lungi Gqagqa, Belinda Smith and all the INUKA Front Office Staff for always being patient and loving. I also thank our Founder, Alma Gericke, and INUKA Management for our INUKA Business Opportunity.

“No one can give you your goals. No one can dig for you. This is your journey”.

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