I joined INUKA in December 2016, but I only became serious about my business in 2018 after attending a Sales Quarter Event in South Africa. This Event motivated me to take my INUKA Business to the next level. I have since realized that every business requires your investment, determination, time, focus and faith.

I stopped doing all my other part time businesses and decided to only focus on INUKA because I saw all the various income opportunities in the Compensation Plan and realized that this could become a very profitable business.

I started to study everything I could find about Network Marketing and made sure I understand everything in the INUKA Business Guide. This has helped me to grow personally as well as my business. The most important lessons that I have learnt is that it is crucial to lead by example. One cannot motivate and inspire anyone in your Downline to do something if you are not doing it yourself. Be the first one to invest money and time in your business and your success will speak for itself and your Downline will want to follow in your footsteps.

It is important for you to make sure that you earn a great income in INUKA and achieve all the challenges. These earnings will change the quality of your lifestyle. Once people can witness how your lifestyle has changed, they will believe in the INUKA Business and will want to be in your team for you to lead them to be able to live the same lifestyle. Make them HUNGRY for a better tomorrow and be the example with your own life.

Follow up with everyone in your group regularly whether they are active or inactive.  When someone started, they might not be serious. But this can change. Just like me that never took my business serious in the beginning and look at me now. Today I am a renowned person who inspires many people to have hope for a better tomorrow and show them the way.

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