I AM THE CEO (Continuously Empowering Others) OF MY INUKA BUSINESS

I thank INUKA for giving me this unique opportunity to help others in my community to make an extra income and build their legacy. This business is all about being unselfish, sharing your wisdom and inspiring others to be successful.

I am very grateful for the growth that I am experiencing in my personal life and business.

My journey to Top 10 started with a decision to invest my time wisely in business. I became the best customer that I wanted to have and became the best Member I wanted to have. To achieve this, I must lead by example.

I am very honoured to be recognized as a Top 10 Business Leader on behalf of my hard-working team. Let’s rise and continue to work hard as God continues to make our efforts successful.

I am forever grateful to my upline, Kate Sekhu, for showing me the possibilities of dreaming big.

It feels so good to be back in Top 10 where I belong!

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