Mastene Mlangeni Success Story


I have been in INUKA since June 2015 and yet everyday holds a new beginning. Everyday affords me with an opportunity to aim for greater heights and shows me how fulfilling it can be to change people’s lives for the better. My success humbled my inner being and there is nothing as wonderful as seeing my downlines pushing and together working towards achieving the same goals.

Our success makes me want to work harder than ever before. I salute my hard working, dedicated, winning and committed team.  I realize everyday how important it is for me to lead by example.

All I can say is that building my legacy is a fruitful and easily achievable challenge and steppingstone towards LIVING MY BEST LIFE.

I would like to extend my special thanks to my family, especially my supportive husband who is my pillar of strength.

I would also like to extend my special thanks to my INUKA Helpdesk Mentor, Longin Matendo, for the support and targets that he always set for me. Thank you for believing in me, we both made it. Philip Slabbert and the Orders Department, thank you very much for being there for me and my team.

Lastly, my Upline and the INUKA Ambassador, Kate Sekhu, thank you for introducing me to INUKA and for supporting and encouraging me all the way.

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