My INUKA journey began on 24 August 2018, when I complemented a smartly dressed lady on how great she smells at a local shopping mall. She then told me about INUKA. Oratile Thobejane, my Upline, presented the INUKA Business Opportunity to me and I registered as an INUKA Member on 27 August 2018.

I always believed that how you begin your race plays a major role on how you will sustain and finish your journey. I decided to work hard from the beginning. I became a Pearl Leader in 7 days, a Ruby Leader in 12 days, an Emerald Leader in 6 weeks and a Sapphire Leader in 7 months.

From the very 1st day I didn’t only aim for the stars but for heaven. I knew that just in case I missed the mark, I will at least end up amongst the stars.


Every Leader needs internal strength to win in life. I draw my strength from my relationships. My important relationships are with:

  • GOD: My core foundation
  • ME: To keep me focused
  • BOOKS and SONGS: To give me wisdom, knowledge and comfort.
  • MY TEAM: They keep me going.

Not everyone is entrepreneurial. I believe in finding people who are hungry for success and then to put a spark in them to join INUKA. Dry wood catches fire quickly. RECRUITING and INVESTING TIME through presentations, motivation and ongoing meetings with my team helped me to pursue an almost impossible vision. Being an example of what you teach, gives effective results. Allow your smell, smile, INUKA identity and kindness to do 90% of your recruiting and 10% speaking.


In my journey to achieve 1st Place in the Top 3 New Business Leader Category AND a position in the Top 25 Business Leader Category, I would like to acknowledge:

  • The Holy Trinity
  • Our INUKA Founder, Alma Gericke, for this opportunity: EUREKA
  • My Upline and mother in the business, Oratile Thobejane. You believed and produced a Leader within me.
  • Our INUKA Ambassador who is my granny in the business, Kate Sekhu. Your encouragement always rings in my ears.
  • Team Eagles, thank you for creating a nest and home for us to be nurtured and to fly high.
  • My Team PEREZ, as a team we will always achieve.
  • All INUKA Staff and my Helpdesk mentor Longin Matendo and Beulanda James for mentoring Members in my team. Thank you for believing in us. Thank you to the orders department, finance department and reception. You all play a role in our journey to success.
  • My husband and 3 boys, you are my anchor. To my daughter, Matshidiso, you are my Star.


The success I achieved was not done by an ordinary person. You need to have 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 hands, 2 feet, lips and nose to achieve it. Do you have this? Then you are not ordinary! Go and make it happen!

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