Bongeka Mzimasi

I joined INUKA in July 2018 and I started to be serious about my INUKA Business in 2019 when it came to my attention that anyone can work and achieve an overseas Travel Reward.

I worked hard in 2019 because I had a dream of traveling abroad for the first time. Indeed, I achieved that goal, and I was one of the 2020 Istanbul Travel Achievers though we have not yet been able to travel due to the current never Covid-19 travel restrictions.

I never in my wildest dreams I never thought I could be one of Top 25 Business Leaders in my second year in the INUKA Business. My upline kept on motivating me that I can do it. I did not believe I can do it, so I focused on working for the Rainbow Challenge Cash Rewards and achieved all 4 Categories. I was shocked, surprised, and excited when I was announced as a Top 25 Business Leader. I did not know that my hard work would push me this far.

Thanks to you my upline and mentor, Toleka Ludidi, for believing in me even when I did not.

I thank God for presenting such a life changing business to me. A word of appreciation to my customers, friends, and family for their ongoing support.

Thanks to my team, Team Asijiki and Team Bongi. You are amazing. You produced a Leader. I would not have made it without you.

I would also like to encourage all the new members and everyone else in this business to never quit no matter how long the road is. Giving up is not an option. When you feel like quitting think about why you started. Always set goals for yourself and make it your priority to achieve them.

Finally, a special heartfelt acknowledgement to my number 1 supporter, my husband. Thank you for your amazing support. Bhele, akhonto ungayaziyo.

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