First, I want to thank God, my family and my husband for his support.

Thank you, my lovely Blue Orders Team at the INUKA Head Office. Keep it up. You are the best.

I would like to encourage new and old INUKA Members to never quit on your dreams. Set your goals and remain focussed. Your hard work and efforts will pay off.

Follow up with your Downlines regularly. Not all will become your next best super star. Establish who is hungry for success and grow and mentor them to become your next best Leaders.

Remember even Downlines that do not have big dreams and goals are precious in your team as every sale they make also contribute to your overall success. At least encourage all in your team to become a Volume Rebate Earner.

Encourage your downline to earn the INUKA Holiday and Travel Incentives. I have enjoyed holidays on the MSC Cruise, Hong Kong, Mauritius and now working towards Istanbul. Don’t miss out. You are going to love to be able to travel with INUKA.

See you in Turkey and make sure to double up so that you can share this incredible experience with your husband or family member and come back home with beautiful memories.

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