I joined INUKA on 15 March 2018. It was my payday and I only had R2000 left in my bank account after my debit orders. I told myself that I will take this risk with faith to invest my last money in the INUKA Business Opportunity.

When I entered the INUKA Front Office, I fell in love with the classy office and the fresh smell. I met the friendly staff, and everyone was excited in the building. Immediately after I had a chat with the staff at the office, I told myself this is doable. I started reading my Business Guide and I fell in love with my INUKA Business.

I became excited about the business and I decided to stop my other part time businesses and focus only on my INUKA Business.

I immediately set goals for myself and strategized how to reach certain goals within a specific time frame. My journey to become a Diamond Leader started at the SQ1 Event in 2018 at the Grand West Casino in Cape Town. I was recognized as an Emerald Leader. I was crying at this INUKA Event seeing people being recognized for their hard work. That day I made a promise to myself that I will push myself to become a Diamond Leader in March 2019.

After the meeting I started planning and strategizing with my team. I shifted my focus. I decided to focus entirely on the success of the people in my team, instead of focussing on myself. My main priority became to encourage the people in my team to reach for the next status or to maintain their status. I started to promote new leaders weekly. My energy to continue this journey came from knowing and seeing that my efforts are changing people’s lives for the better.

The road was not easy. There were many challenges and disappointments along the way. But deep down my goals and passions kept me going to push through to becoming a Diamond Leader.

To my surprize the journey to Diamond Leader also had an unexpected reward when I was announced as an INUKA Top 25 Business Leaders at our Annual 2019 GALA Event and I was rewarded with R25 000 Cash that I never expected. I will be using this towards paying my debts and celebrating my 31st Birthday. Thank you, Sandra Chitanda, my Helpdesk Mentor for believing in me and always encouraging me. Your enthusiasm made me work harder.

INUKA has changed my life. I am so thankful for this Business Opportunity. Today, my mother is so happy in her own house in the Eastern Cape. I am currently paying off all my debts that I could not afford with my salary. I can support my family and my sisters back home.

The love and support from my family along this journey was amazing. A special thank you to my husband, Mcirha. You made this journey much easier by helping me in every step of the way. To the Ralarala family, you believed in me. Thank you to my mother for keeping me and my INUKA Business in her prayers. To my team, Shosho, I salute you for your hard work and commitment. Thank you, Lord for blessing me with the strength to always be committed to maintain a positive attitude.

Always stay positive and positive outcomes will follow. Be the Leader within YOU! Focus on your business and opportunities will come your way. If I can do this, YOU can.

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