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I joined INUKA in December 2016 but never really took the business seriously as I was involved in many other networks at that time. It was only when I attended an INUKA Meeting in January 2017 that I realized what INUKA was all about, their compensation plan and the many opportunities to earn a great income. This meeting inspired me to make INUKA my No 1 priority and to put all my efforts in only one business instead of multiple network businesses.

I have always seen myself as a serious and experienced Network Marketer. I love connecting with people and enriching other people’s lives, but one does not always know in which company to invest your time, money, efforts and trust. Over time and with what I have experienced in my INUKA Business I fell in love with this business and I can confidently introduce more people to our trustworthy INUKA Opportunity so that they too can reap the rewards.

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