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18th February 2020

Tissue Oil

I am a firm believer in paying attention to my skin's needs and giving it some special treatment.
21st January 2020

INUKA Nail Polish & Gel Effect Top Coat

Wearing Nail Polish on my finger nails and toe nails for me, is a must.  It’s a quick and easy exercise once a week to ensure I am looking fabulous all week.  I don’t feel fully dressed without it and I just love when people comment on the colour I’m wearing or how nice my nails look.
7th January 2020

Flawless Finish Cosmetic Applicator

Once in while you come across a product that just works and you can’t remember how you managed before you had it.  This is one of those products.
26th November 2019

Beautiful Shoes Deserve Beautiful Feet

I have a little pet hate and that is my heels not looking smooth and healthy.  If my heels are a little dry or even, heavens forbid, a few cracks appear, I won’t wear open shoes.   And I do so love my flips flops in summer and even more my glitzy sling back high heel sandals.
11th November 2019

My Little Secret

I love to be unique and I recently read up on blending your perfumes to create your own individual fragrance and wow, I have come up with a masterpiece. My little secret is that I spray INUKA Modern Me Yellow as well as INUKA Si Si fragrance to create my very own exclusive fragrance.
5th November 2019

Mohlolo Revitalizing Shampoo and Nourishing Conditioner

This is a product I just cannot be without. You know when you find a product that just works far beyond your expectations that you just must have it. I colour my hair regularly which makes it dry and fragile so using a good product to wash and condition is vital to me.  I used to use salon bought products that helped but they weren’t perfect.
28th October 2019

Dare To Be Rare 30ml Perfume for Him & Her

I’m so excited to share my experience about the 30ml Dare to be Rare Perfume. This is a gender-neutral fragrance that I recently added to my perfume wardrobe. I am addicted to this perfume. It’s a masterpiece of uniquely and perfectly blended perfume notes.
28th October 2019

Lala Pillow Spray

When INUKA launched their new products in July I couldn’t wait for the Lala Pillow Spray to become available in August. Being a person who needs to read for a while to calm my mind and body before I sleep at night, I thought the Lala Pillow Spray will hopefully help get me to sleep a little sooner and I can truly attest that it does exactly that.
28th October 2019

INUKA Mohlolo Miracle Oil

We have all purchased products hoping for a miracle and voila … INUKA truly gave us a Miracle Oil. I absolutely swear by this product to heal and repair my skin. I use this product for multiple purposes: As a moisturizer on my face in the evening when I’m going to bed.
28th October 2019

INUKA 3 in 1 Eyebrow Pencil (Black or Brown)

This is a very special product to me. I’ve had eyebrow pencils before but never really got the desired look I wanted so I rarely used them and settled with the not so bold brows that I have. I wanted to try this product because of the brow gel mascara as I haven’t seen a product like this before.
28th October 2019

Daily Facial Foaming Cleanser

One of my absolute favourite INUKA Products is the Facial Cleanser. I have used the very top of the range products for many years that come with a hefty price tag, but I’ve always believed my skin is worth it. So, when INUKA launched their skin products I was quite excited to try them out.