Phumeza Mrwetyana

At our recent INUKA Event the announcement went something like this: “The next INUKA Top 25 Business Leader to join our Leaders on stage, is our INUKA Double Diamond Leader from the Western Cape: Phumeza Mrwetyana”.

It felt like it was the first time ever being in the Top 25.

Thanks to my team for your constant hard work and determination, ndithi nangamso ngentsebenziswano bantwana basekhaya.

2020 was a challenging year but I worked tirelessly throughout the year with one goal: AIM TO SUCCEED. With every idea we shared in my team and every opportunity we seized, we helped each other to achieve the new heights.

I praise and appreciate my team for their daily efforts. Keep up the good work my GoGetters Team.

Andiyonto ngaphandle kwenu Team Mezza – (Thank you for working so well with me. May you keep up the good work. I am nothing without you Team Mezza). Enkosi, Thank you

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