Our story begins with Alma Gericke, our Founder’s vision to create rewarding and financially sustainable business opportunities for people from all walks of life with easy and affordable start up options.

INUKA Fragrances, meaning “surrounded by smell”, was established in June 2010. INUKA is a Network Marketing Company that sells luxury high quality cosmetic and fragranced products at wholesale prices to independent entrepreneurs. INUKA caters for the serious business entrepreneur as well as people wanting to create a supplementary second income.

Many of the people who become INUKA Members have never owned a business or thought of being an entrepreneur. What sets INUKA apart to be a company with a difference is our mission is to create an environment where our entrepreneurs will feel at home, valued and part of our INUKA Family. A place to grow as a person, to invest your time, efforts and future to experience the value and fulfillment to build a consistent, reliable and growing income.

We make it possible for our Members to earn a guaranteed income, rewards, awards and travel experiences even if you only rely on personal sales efforts and never introduce fellow business entrepreneurs. Our hard-working Members are also guaranteed of additional quarterly and annual cash rewards and becoming an INUKA Millionaire is an equal opportunity for all.

Since 2013 INUKA has also rewarded qualifying Members with 20 cars with our Car Reward Program: DREAM IT, EARN IT, OWN IT. These Incentive Achievers have the joy of these cars being their personal property and registered in their names.

Today, the INUKA Brand is recognized in 11 African Countries: South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia, Swaziland, the DRC, Angola, and Malawi and spreading our wings to other African countries. As of March 2022, 12 years later, our company has 210 000 registered Members.

We care about the story that our Members and their customers tell about INUKA. Our products are affordable and a happy and easy sell to make it possible for all to enjoy a lasting fragrance experience. That’s why we say: “INUKA, Always with You”.


INUKA’S 10th Anniversary is certainly a milestone worth sharing. A DECADE of making dreams a reality for our INUKA Business Entrepreneurs.


INUKA exists to make a positive impact on the lives we touch, to connect with people and to be part of something bigger than ourselves. Not only do we want to walk a journey with you to experience the value and fulfillment to build a consistent, reliable and growing income, but we also care about the person you become on this journey. As an INUKA Member, you will be part of our vision where we encourage personal growth, where you can embrace many adventures on your way, where you can wake up each morning doing the things that brings you the most happiness. An opportunity where you can make your life a masterpiece and live a great story worth sharing.

We’ve put some real effort and thinking into our values and what we plan on doing with them. Respect, integrity and excellence define and inspire our commitment to stay true to our values. We strive to create more momentum by sharing the products and business opportunity we love to every corner of Southern Africa and to lead the network marketing industry with our solid plan for our business entrepreneurs to grow a consistent, reliable and growing income.

We are grateful to have made a positive impact in so many lives, and we continually strive to improve our efforts. INUKA is proud of all our Members, who despite demanding circumstances and full time jobs, take time to engage in extra entrepreneurial activities to build a better future for themselves and to create a positive impact in the communities they touch by sharing the INUKA Business Opportunity.

Together, We VALUE, ENCOURAGE and EMPOWER the Lives We Touch.


We know that being an entrepreneur takes planning and perseverance. For this reason, we have a dedicated Helpdesk with experienced and passionate Consultants to share in your goals, to assist, support and encourage you in every step towards building your sustainable business.

Our measurement of accomplishment will be the success stories of our business entrepreneurs, how they make their lives a MASTERPIECE and how they live a great story worth sharing.

We look forward to you joining us on your INUKA journey. Let’s work together on your great story.

Our Members living their great story

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