Marla Simao

I remember it as if it were yesterday when I started my INUKA Journey in 2012. I never imagined the size into which I could grow my INUKA Business and where it could take me.

When I joined INUKA, I was a student who depended entirely on my parents and I had a need and desire to have an extra income. It was through my friend, Violeta Chingubo, that I was introduced to INUKA and I thank her for the opportunity to discover the INUKA.

When I started my INUKA Business and as a beginner, I faced several obstacles but through a joint effort (My team and I) it was possible to grow our INUKA Businesses in a profitable and sustainable way. Will power and the desire to win have always guided my footsteps and I found out that is only possible to be successful when we believe that success belongs not only to others, but also to US.

Today I know that INUKA is more than a business. Together we are a family focused on changing lives for the better. My team and I reached this level of success because we have not given up and we are here forever.

All these achievements are possible due to my dedicated, hardworking, and motivated team. Well done to our INUKA Ambassador 2020, Queluba Assinde, from Mozambique. You are our inspiration to work harder and reach bigger dreams and goals going forward.

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