Kunda Kashimbaya

2020 will forever remain in our memories as a challenging year. This was also my year of reaching new heights in my INUKA Business.

Thank you to my team members for all the hard work and courage during this period. Many thanks to my upline and our INUKA Executive Diamond Leader Kate Sekhu. Thank you also to Rose from the INUKA Head Office for your encouragement and assistance.

My 3 keys to success in INUKA are:
• Write down your goals. This will force you to clarify what you want to achieve, share them with your INUKA mentor, upline or a
person in your INUKA team who will push you and hold you accountable.
• Create a powerful belief system. (Definition of belief: trust, faith, or confidence in someone or something). Without belief you
will fail every time.
• Invest in yourself with positive daily declarations. Be of service and help others. Study, learn and apply.

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