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INUKA | SQ1 2022 Highlights Video

This is what we LOVE at INUKA: Our Members LIVING THEIR BEST LIFE! Enjoy watching the Highlights of our Sales Quarter 1 Event on Saturday, 14 May 2022 at the Sun Arena, Pretoria. Congratulations to our Members for achieving incredible rewards.

INUKA | Gala 2021 Highlights Video

It is with great honour and excitement that we share an incredibly special video of our Gala evening spent together. Congratulations to our amazing Members for achieving incredible rewards and to each of you for attending and making the evening so special.

INUKA | Mid Year Top 100 Business Leaders Event

INUKA is so happy to share a short video of our recent Mid-Year Top 100 Business Leader Event at Emperors Palace on 2 October. It was such a joyous occasion for INUKA to be able to host some of our Members once again. We look forward to seeing many more of you at our upcoming events in November.

INUKA Top 100 Business Leaders VIP Event Candle Ceremony

Enjoy watching a short highlight video of our Top 5 Business Leaders Candle Ceremony and the announcement of our INUKA Ambassador 2020, Queluba Assinde from Mozambique. Congratulations to all our Members who achieved their goals. You are all SuperHeroes #fromherotosuperhero

INUKA | A Decade of Dreams

INUKA’S 10th Anniversary is certainly a milestone worth sharing. Let’s look back on a decade of making dreams a reality for our INUKA Business Entrepreneurs.

INUKA Sales Quarter 3 2020 Announcements

INUKA celebrating 1549 Achievements and a pay-out of R 1 538 000.00 to our qualifying SQ3 achievers. Watch our Founder, Alma Gericke, announcing our Top 5 Members in Personal Sales and Recruiting for SQ3 as well as the number of achievers in Quarterly Recognition Categories. #AlwaysWithYou #SocialDistancing

INUKA Sales Quarter 2 Highlights 2020

Look at us, LIVING OUR BEST LIFE! May this be your inspiration today to focus on the silver lining during our current global coronavirus pandemic. We are all in this together. Be kind to yourself and those around you. We will gather again as an INUKA Family.

INUKA Sales Quarter 1 Highlights 2019

INUKA thanks our amazing Members and visitors for joining us at Grand West Arena in Cape Town for our Sales Quarter 1 Event on 5th October 2019. We honored so many deserving achievements and watched as our phenomenal Members celebrated with each other as they took to the stage Living Their Best Lives. We salute each and every one of you. Enjoy a highlights video of this truly awesome day.

INUKA Gala 2019 Highlights Video

Enjoy a sneak preview of our INUKA 9th Annual Gala Event. We had an amazing evening of celebration on 6 July at the Sandton Convention Centre as we honored so many deserving Members. We salute each one of you for your efforts and determination to fulfill your goals and dreams. #livingmybestlife

INUKA Sales Quarter 4 2019

INUKA is so excited to share our SQ4 Highlights Video with you. What an amazing day! Congratulations again to all our achievers, we are so proud and honored to have shared this day with you all.

INUKA Sales Quarter 3 2019 Highlights

INUKA is so excited to share our SQ3 Highlights Video with you. What an amazing day! Thinking back, we still have chills remembering balloons floating around the room and the powerful message that YOU are the only one who can blow life into your INUKA business. Congratulations again to all our achievers, we are so proud and honored to have shared this day with you all.

INUKA Sales Quarter 2 2019 Success Stories

INUKA caters for the serious business entrepreneur as well as people wanting to create a supplementary second income. INUKA exists to make a positive impact on the lives we touch, to connect with people and to be part of something bigger than ourselves. Not only do we want to walk a journey with you to experience the value and fulfillment to build a consistent, reliable and growing income, but we also care about the person you become on this journey.

INUKA Sales Quarter 2 2019 Highlights

Once again, our INUKA family came together to celebrate so many deserving achievements. You brought your amazing spirit, love and happiness in sharing one another’s successes. It was truly a phenomenal day. Enjoy looking back at the memories and we hope to see you all again soon at our SQ3 meeting on 30 March, Emperors Palace, Gauteng.

INUKA Sales Quarter 1 2018 Highlights

INUKA looks back on yet another spectacular event at Grand West in Cape Town on 6 October where we celebrated and rewarded our Members for their Sales Quarter 1 achievements. Congratulations to Kate Sekhu, who was presented with a brand-new Toyota Rush SUV, registered in her personal name, as an Honorary Reward for being the INUKA Ambassador and No 1 Business Leader for 4 consecutive years. Thank you to all our Members who attended and made this event memorable.

INUKA Gala 2018 Highlights Video

INUKA proudly presents our Gala 2018 Highlights Video. As we honored so many of our valued Members we were humbled and moved to see a venue full of inspired and supportive Members who celebrated each other’s successes. Your support for one another is truly awe inspiring. You are all amazing and we thank you for sharing this special event with us.

INUKA Sales Quarter 3 2018 Highlights

INUKA is excited to share our Sales Quarter 3 Event Highlights video with you. Once again, we salute our Members who worked hard to achieve their goals and to all our attendees for the phenomenal spirit that you brought to the event. You are AWESOME, go and make your dreams a reality.

INUKA Sales Quarter 2 2018 Highlights

INUKA is excited to share our Sales Quarter 2 2018 Event highlights with you. So many phenomenal Members were recognized for achieving their goals as well as Roann Vetter receiving her brand new 1.4L Kia Rio Tec Hatch.

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