Create Your Own Personal Signature Fragrance

“Be who you want to be. You decide”

Wearing just one fragrance at a time is history. The latest style is to mix and match various fragrances to create your own vibrant signature fragrance experience.

April Long, Executive Beauty Editor for ELLE magazine, writes in the November 2013 edition, that it is second nature for men and women in the Middle East to mix and match different fragrances to create their very own signature scent. Their everyday lives are devoted to scent from ceremonially burning incense in their homes to treating dinner guests with a tray of perfumes to sample after a meal. Fragrances are treated with admiration, but also with creative flair. The influence of the modern Middle East has shifted the course of how people will wear perfume in the future.

At first it might be daunting to experiment with mixing and matching more than one perfume at a time, but this could really be a fun way to experiment by wearing them together to create a whole new fragrance and a unique way to express who you are with your own unique fragrance statement.

There are no hard and fast rules to mixing and matching fragrances and you can be as experimental as you like. It is also interesting to note that in the Middle East fragrances are genderless. Sheikh Majed Al-Sabah, a Kuwaiti fashion executive who launched his own fragrance line, The Fragrance Kitchen, says that: “We don’t differentiate between “male” and “female” scents in the Middle East.

The beauty of combining your own fragrances is that you get to choose the smells that you love the most. Some days you could mix and match just 2 fragrances, on other occasions it could be 3 or 4 and even more. You could even mix and match male and female fragrances that you love. It’s fun to see what unexpected combinations you can come up with.

But before you get started, there are a couple of tips to keep in mind to mix and match fragrances like a professional.

Keep It In The Same Genealogy Family

If you are experimenting for the first time a safe way to start is to mix and match fragrances that are in the same genealogy family: floral, oriental, chypre or woody. Refer to the next page for a general fragrance genealogy grouping. The fragrances that you want to mix and match could be drastically different but their common base notes will always unite them, leaving them perfectly matched.

Opposites Also Attract

If you feel more daring also know that opposite genealogy families also blend together well: oriental and citrus, florals and wood, florals and oriental, just to mention a few.

Go Heavy First

Apply the heavier fragrance first (e.g. oriental) and end off then with the lighter fragrance (e.g. floral). This way the heavier fragrance won’t overpower the lighter smells. You may need to play around with different combinations to find the best one for you. For example, one spray of the heavier scent and two of the lighter.”

Add A “Shot of Freshness and Lightness

According to Debbie Wild, the lifestyle director for Jo Malone London, mixing and matching your fragrances should always be done with the “shot of light” in mind. That means don’t mix and match together only heavy and dark fragrances, like Opium and Shalimar, for example. It will create a smell that is too heavy and overpowering. There should always be a shot of freshness and lightness when mixing fragrances. It’s all about balance. Combine a light and fresh scent with a more musky tone.

Be Cautious Not To “Overdose”

Take it easy on the number of sprays. Remember, you don’t need to apply more fragrance sprays as you normally would to create your new signature fragrance experience.

Play With Application

You don’t necessarily have to spray one fragrance directly on top of another to mix your custom signature fragrance. Instead, you can apply one scent to your upper forearm, another on your neck area and end off with a 3rd fragrance as a spritz on your hair. Apply the stronger and heavier smells on your pulse points and the lighter fresher smells on your hair and clothes so that they work in harmony with each other and don’t directly compete.

Mixing and matching actually start in the shower. Start with a fragranced Body Wash, apply a different fragranced Lotion and end off with sprays of one or more other fragrances on your body parts.

To make sure your layers stay fragrant, take a tip from Mark Crames, CEO of Demeter Fragrance Library, and keep your skin primed for perfume. “The fragrance molecules want to bind to the oil molecules in your skin, so the best way to make the fragrance last is to moisturize your skin first, with a good lotion or body oil,” he says.

Wait An Hour

Roberta Perry, president of Scrubz Body Scrub, Inc., advises letting your fragrance combo sit on your skin for an hour or more to see how it blends with your own pheromones. Every scent, and blend thereof, will smell different from person to person.

Don’t Overthink It

Don’t give up if you don’t get the technique right away — creating a signature fragrance experience should be a fun experience. At first start with smells that you love and the chances are that they will work well together for you.

Use Perfume Paper Testing Strips

Another idea could also be to spray the fragrances you want to mix and match on perfume paper testing strips. Spray one perfume per piece of testing strip. Write on each the name of the fragrance so that you don’t get confused. Have fun and play around by holding next to each other various different fragrance groupings until you get a smell that you love.

Keep Track Of Your “Recipes”

With your creative mixing and matching you will come up with really awesome “recipes”. Remember to write these down so that you can recreate your signature fragrance experience in the future to compliment your special mood or occasion.

Be as creative as you can imagine. The goal is to create an exclusive signature scent that expresses who you are. Enjoy the journey. Every day could offer a new discovery.

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