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INUKA Members, YOU are in our THOUGHTS. Where HOPE grows, MIRACLES will BLOSSOM. Stay Healthy and Safe. #AlwaysWithYou #SocialDistancing #FromHeroToSuperHero

INUKA Sales Quarter 2 2019 Success Stories

INUKA caters for the serious business entrepreneur as well as people wanting to create a supplementary second income. INUKA exists to make a positive impact on the lives we touch, to connect with people and to be part of something bigger than ourselves. Not only do we want to walk a journey with you to experience the value and fulfillment to build a consistent, reliable and growing income, but we also care about the person you become on this journey.

Travel Challenge to Istanbul 2020

INUKA proudly presents our 2019/2020 Travel Challenge. Earn the holiday of your dreams. 5 NIGHTS ALL-INCLUSIVE Travel Experience to Istanbul.

Tesia Mokhutle Rio achiever 2019

A huge congratulations to Tesia Mokhutle on earning a 1.4L Kia Rio Tec. Tesia is a Diamond Leader from Western Cape who joined INUKA on 17th May 2018. Tesia has earned her car, to be registered in her own name, in just over 12 months of joining INUKA. Well done to her two Sapphire Leaders; Zodwa Deliwe and Zimasa Siphando who will each receive R15 000.

INUKA – Grow a Consistent & Reliable Income

INUKA is a Network Marketing Company that sells luxury high quality cosmetic and fragranced products at wholesale prices to independent entrepreneurs. Our vision is to create a platform for anyone seeking to obtain financial independence to supplement, replace or exceed their current income - embracing the part-time sales person and the more serious career builder. With INUKA, anyone can start their own business and share in our top-quality products, rewarding earnings and compensation plan.

INUKA – Starting your Business is as easy as 1,2,3

The INUKA Business Opportunity requires no registration cost or major investment, other than buying samples of the products and your choice of an INUKA Kit, also known as a Business Kit. Choose a once-off Business Kit that’s right for YOU! There are 5 kits to choose from that offers exceptional value. Your Business Kit will include a variety of our top selling products that you can sell and reinvest in your business.

INUKA Fragrances - How to earn

INUKA caters for the serious business entrepreneur as well as people wanting to create a supplementary second income. Earn a guaranteed income, rewards, awards and travel experiences.

INUKA - Start Living Your Best Life

Big results always have small beginnings. Your new future can be achieved by taking a simple yet powerful exercise to START LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE! Watch this video and create your vision.

INUKA - Explanation of Sales Month, Quarters, Recognition Year, Month Zero and your Joining Date

In this Video Tutorial we explain the INUKA Sales Month, INUKA Recognition Year, INUKA Sales Quarter, Month Zero and your Joining Date.

INUKA – Explanation of PV, Pricing and How to Earn your R1000 Pearl Fast Start Progress Rebate

In this Video Tutorial we explain Wholesale Prices, Recommended Retail Pricing and your Immediate Retail Profit. We also explain what are Personal PV and Group PV and how to earn your Pearl R1000 Once Off Fast Progress Rebate.

INUKA – Perfume Tips

Perfume suits everybody irrespective of your body type, skin tone or colour of your skin. It doesn't matter whether you are slim or curvy, male or female, your perfume will always be an essential accessory to complete your look and add an edge to your persona. With this video, we share 10 interesting and useful perfume tips and ideas.

Earn a Polo Vivo 1.4L and/or Mercedes-Benz A200

INUKA car challenge is for everyone. See our website for more information on how to earn your very own Polo Vivo 1.4L Comfortline and/or Mercedes-Benz A200.

Roann Vetter achieving TWO Kia Rio's in 2018

INUKA proudly presents Roann Vetter giving words of wisdom on how she achieved not one but two Kia Rio Tec vehicles in one year through her INUKA business.

As an INUKA Member you will be part of our vision where we encourage personal growth, financial freedom and where you can embrace many adventures on your way. INUKA is your opportunity to make your life a MASTERPIECE AND A STORY WORTH SHARING!

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